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H. Scott
Miami Beach, FL

Company name:
Henry Scott and Company

07/12/2011 9:13 AM

Site starts quoting a relatively low figure which more than doubles by the time you've spend 20 minutes filling out all the forms. Deceptive advertising! Avoid!

Agent response:

We appreciate your input, however without more information, we can't address what happened in your specific case. The fees that we charge remain consistent. What we have no control over is how much the state is going to charge you in whatever jurisdiction you choose. These fees vary by state and of course we have no control over them. If there is anything you are unhappy with or that you believe we can do to make this up to you, please contact us! We want you to be a happy customer!

A. Valentine
Nashville, TN

Company name:
Howard & Mobley, PLLC

09/10/2009 9:49 AM

Our firm has had a great experience with and will continue to work with this company anytime we need a registered agent in FL.

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